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Just Give Me the Simple Life

Seems like I have heard that musical phrase from the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. But it may be more relevant today than back in the day.

We have run the gamut from Mc Mansions to Mediterranean Villas for years with people finding out they really don’t want all of that responsibility. I’m constantly hearing from clients “I am downsizing and doing away with all the extras that I don’t need…. Help me make my life Simple again.”

Well here comes The Tiny House movement!

You may have recently seen features on Good Morning America or watched HGTV’s Tiny Homes and I promise you will be seeing more and more as its popularity increases. This trend isn’t going anyway anytime soon.

Currently we are on retainer to design a series of Tiny Homes for a client in Dallas who owns a nice plot of land (location, location, location). He wants a village of tiny homes that will appeal to a varied market. Think students, artists, young couples or even retirees (like our client). The homes can be permanently secured to the site or they could be mobile, great for travel.

I will have so much fun with this project and my many years of Houseboat ownership will serve me well. Tables turn into beds and everything has to function for multiple uses. Creativity and Problem Solving are a must!

They say it takes a village, well I am ready to create one.

I have put together some of my favorite Tiny Homes that I’ve found while researching for our client in Dallas. Take a look below and tell us what you think. Could you live in a space this small?

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