Sandy Sutton’s Design Center
  • We recently purchased a condo on Lake Hamilton. Although we were both born and raised in Hot Springs, our careers kept us away for many years. We wanted to update and furnish our condo, so we decided to contact Sandy Sutton’s Design Center. After making contact with Sandy, we met to discuss our ideas with her. She actively listened and helped us develop a design scheme that achieved the “look” we had in mind. She created an excellent design that exactly matched our ideas for the condo. She also introduced us to the vendors we would need to support this project. She listens, applies no pressure, includes you in every decision, and helped us develop the look we had envisioned.
    We highly recommend Sandy and her excellent staff.

    Mildred and Don Washington

  • Sandy and her team made me love my home! Her design skills transformed our living space into the Arts & Crafts style home which I never thought would be achievable. Sandy has an amazing talent when it comes to color. Her recommendations for paint, tile and granite gave us a home that is warm and inviting. Her choice of granite completely changed the look of my cabinets. And we are so happy she convinced us to go with LVT for the floor. It was a hard sell, coming from previous homes with hard wood floors. But Sandy persevered and convinced us it was the right approach. And just like her color selections, the floor was a home run. People coming to our home can’t believe it isn’t wood. Maintenance, especially with our pets, makes it the perfect choice. We were fortunate to have her team of craftsmen translate design ideas into incredible woodwork for the transition space from our living room into the newly created dining room. And the mantel redesign provided us with a beautiful focal point. We are so thrilled that we decided to go with Sandy and her team.

    Kim Townsan

  • Thank goodness I found Sandy Sutton and The Design Center during the renovation of my home.  I was at a loss when it came to choosing paint colors, both for the interior and the exterior of the house. I had been going to the paint store and buying samples which I applied in an effort to pick “the right” color. When the neighbors began to ask me if I was painting a patchwork quilt on the side of my home, I knew I needed help!  I called Sandy and explained that I needed immediate help choosing paint colors, because the painters were ready to start.  Sandy came the next day, looked up and down the street, and chose the perfect color for the exterior of the house.  (Of course it was not one of the 15 colors of which I had painted samples!)  Next, Sandy went inside, toured the area, and asked me questions.  She then went back to her office to work the magic.  Within a few days she sent her trusty assistant, Victoria, with colored paint chips for me to see.  Just like Sandy had done with the exterior paint, she again chose the perfect colors for the interior.  Not only did she choose the correct color scheme for the house, she also prepared a furniture floor plan and an electrical plan for the extra outlets that I would need.

    Through the whole process Sandy Sutton did a professional job and managed to make me feel like I knew what I was doing!  It was truly a pleasure working with her and I look forward to her help with the next phase of my renovation!

    Sandi Luman

  • Sandy helped me plan an extensive remodel of my living room area.  I wanted a traditional, yet contemporary place that I could share with my family and friends. I needed the space to have that “cozy, welcoming” feel while still feeling like something that was very much my own individually. Sandy made my vision a reality with ease. She demonstrated the ability to keep up with the latest trends, collaboratively worked with me on building a distinct living space, and continued to be a professional in every interaction. Our living room is now a place of comfort, family fun and wonderful atmosphere. From a simple conversation, Sandy designed a space that reflected our energy, experiences, and personality. Thank you so much Sandy, for turning my living room into the “cozy” room I so desired.


  • If you want expert help and experience, along with a wonderful staff, then you should contact and visit with Sandy Sutton. The years of experience she had spoke volumes with us. We trusted her and her suggestions. Her knowledge of all aspects of the trade proved valuable in helping us decide exactly what we wanted to accomplish with our renovation. Never once, did we feel pressured to accept her ideas. If we did not feel it was right for us, she went back and came up with new ideas. Sandy is a professional and we are lucky to have her in Hot Springs.

    Dee Ann Sutton Simmons

  • It has been a joy getting to know Sandy. At first I was afraid I was so out of my league going to her for help, but she was so understanding and put me at ease immediately. Thank you for everything, it is beautiful.

    Pat Allen

  • After we retired and decided we wanted to renovate our lake house and move to Hot Springs full time, I contacted Sandy. I told her that I needed a person who could help me some with design, but a lot with choosing whom to use for what. She agreed to that and was a tremendous help and introduced me to a great contractor and worked with him to help me to produce a design. Sandy took me shopping and made contacts for me in every area needed. She also went to bat for me if I had any problems with anyone she had recommended. I had a good experience and would highly recommend her.

    Mary Alice Cash

  • Sandy is a designer exemplar. She is resourceful, creative, enterprising, kind, ‘no pressure’, and unique. She puts her clients first and sets an easy approachable manner in how she works with them. You can count on Sandy to ‘deliver the goods’ and create a ‘raving fan’ from every client with whom she works. Never worry – Sandy has your best interests at heart and will work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.

    Kristin Kaufman

  • Sandy is a dedicated bulldog for her clients. In November of 2013 a vendor hung some motorized shades for us that were a total disaster. They were not measured properly and the electrical cords were all over the place, just carelessly taped to my newly painted walls. I was sick. Sandy was sick. I asked for my deposit back, but the vendors refused. So I told them to take the shades down and that they would be hearing from my attorney. They then took chapter 7 bankruptcy so there was no way for me to get my money back. Sandy contacted the BBB who referred her to the Attorney General’s “Got Your Back” office. After 18 months Al, my husband, and I have beautiful window treatments all thanks to Sandy’s perseverance and her never give up attitude.

    Ann White